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Monday, July 19, 2010

(My Attempt at) An Objective Review of the KKK Website

So one day i was bored and decided to check out the KKK website @ http://www.kkk.bz. Now as many know, the Ku Klux Klan is an organization famous for their belief in white supremacy, and consequently, their dislike of African-Americans, Jews, and homosexuals. They are also well-known for their history of animosity towards minorities in more 'civilly lenient' times. Anyway, I thought the site was so ridiculous and hilarious that I decided it'd be interesting to attempt an objective review of it. Now obviously, I'm at a disadvantage here seeing as how it'd be difficult for an African-American to be objective, but I love a good challenge! I'll be commenting on 3 categories:

1) Design
2) Convenience
3) Accuracy of Information

Here goes...



The site looks like they gave a high school kid 50 bucks to do it. There are spelling errors, absolutely awful examples of subject-verb agreement, and such a blatant disregard for page organization that the massive clutter of the site becomes unbearable after awhile. But this is the boring part of the review, so let's just keep it moving.

Grade: D-



Dying anytime soon? The site has a section where you can leave all your earthly treasures to the KKK organization. It reads as follows:

The following wording may be used in your will or trust in making a bequest to The Knights, a nonprofit corporation.

"I give to Thomas A. Robb as trustee for the The Knights Party, inc., the sum of __________and / or other specifically described property, free of all death taxes, creditors' claims and expenses of administration of my estate, for discretionary use in carrying out its aims and purposes."

And if you do decide to make the KKK a beneficiary in your will, their lawyers will prepare it for you free of charge. What a deal!

Now thanks to the digital age, rather than having to seek out a local Klansman or Klanswoman to gain membership, you can simply apply using the site's online application. All you need is a credit card and you'll receive your hate mongering kit in the mail in 12-14 days.

Have Hispanic neighbors but not quite sure if they're in the country legally? Well there's a link where you can report illegal immigration. Of course, you likely have no way of knowing of anyone's legal status, but why not take a shot in the dark?

Now, it's safe to say that I expected much of what I saw on the site. But the one thing that even I wasn't prepared for was the section for teen recruitment! (WTF!!!) If you're a white boy or girl between 13 and 17, apparently, you can sign up with the The Knights Party Crusaders Youth Corp. That's just ri-damn-diculous.

What's more, in the "Youth Section" of the website, there's a link that says "But, I know some really nice black people." Now I have to admit, I laughed when I first saw this one. You can check it out for yourself, but be prepared for a level of ridiculous previously unknown to mankind.


This one quote is most interesting:

"Just because a person is black or another race doesn't make them bad people. But you should always be careful where you go and who your friends are. Young girls should be extra careful. Many black boys feel extra cool if they hurt a white girl. Some kids don't learn until it’s too late."

Now as appalling as the information is, the site is pretty convenient for all your race-hating needs. There's a gross amount of clutter (as previously stated), but if you can navigate through it all, then you have everything you need to become a Klan member at your fingertips.

Grade B-


Accuracy of Information

The Klan apparently wants to quarantine all HIV(+) individuals.

"While the AIDS virus is almost inclusive to homosexuals and those not of European ancestry, many innocent people have contacted the virus. Despite the moral character of a person, the virus is still highly contagious with new and deadlier forms coming out constantly. Everyone who gets it dies! Aids carriers should receive proper medical care while a cure is being researched. This is the only way to stop the spread of the disease. They should be kept from coming into contact with uninfected people."

Many statements on the site are so one-sided and inaccurate, that I think it'd be really tough for an intelligent human being to take the organization seriously.

First off, AIDS is not a virus, it's a condition cause by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Secondly, per 2007 CDC statistics, African-Americans did account for the 50% of new HIV cases regarding race, while white Americans accounted for 30%, Hispanics 16% and other races 14%. Take from it what you will, but "almost inclusive" and 50% don't quite register as similar descriptive terms to me.

In terms of means of transmission, per 2007 CDC statistics, men who have sex with men did account for a little over 50% of new HIV cases. But once again, the fact that heterosexual transmission has accounted for 30% of the HIV cases is totally disregarded.


The term "Aids carriers" is medically incorrect as AIDS is a not a bacteria, virus or genetic trait. A HIV (+) individual is considered AIDS (+) when their T-cell count goes below 200 (although some consider the magic number to be 350). The fact they even use the term destroys any credibility they might have had.

And then this statement achieves it intended purpose if you're ignorant enough to not know any better: "Everyone who gets it dies!"

Really KKK? But I guess that's always been your way. Promoting fear to achieve a desired reaction from the public.

I have patients who have been positive for 20+ years and they are still as healthy or more healthy than many people. Sure, HIV can cripple your immune system and make you more susceptible to any illness, but only if you don't take care of yourself. Don't believe the hype.

Grade: F-


It's hard to believe that the website of such a historical group is so disorganized, but I was not at all surprised by the large amount of inaccurate information. And so I believe that the grades given for each category were mostly fair. But if they weren't, who cares? IT'S THE KKK!!!

Overall Grade: F+


  1. LOL. yeah, i went online and read some things too. it is very disorganized, but they didnt say i had to be white to join, i wast thinking of joining :D LOL

  2. Maybe if you claim to be a self-hating racist??? I'm sure there's a way