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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Let Chivalry Die OR 4 Dates and She Can’t Even Help With the Tip? Red Flag!! (OR How Are You Only Traditional About Dating and Not Anything Else)

“Speak with a dozen women and find out they all want a man who’s chivalrous. Extend the conversation with each and discover that all have 12 different definitions of chivalry.”


So I called an escort service

Actually I apologize, I’m getting way ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning.

So I’m having a conversation with the ladies at the office yesterday and the subject matter was chivalry. One of the ladies insists that a man should take care of everything, including at least some of her bills, their dates, groceries, her hair appointment, gas for her car, etc. Of course, I tell her she’s lost her mind. And then she proceeds to say that men my age have been ruined by women that get the check sometimes, and don’t expect frequent monetary contributions during the dating process.

Another female co-worker enters at the exact moment the young lady I’m speaking with says “Guys these days don’t understand the definition of chivalry.” Now of course, the other co-worker chimes in with “I know right, guys just don’t know the meaning of chivalry anymore, especially younger guys.” And they start with the high-fiving, elbow rubbing, and other estrogen-inspired ridiculousness.

Now I smile :) because I know I have the advantage. Fact is, I’ve known both of these ladies for quite a while, so I know that their opinions on dating couldn’t be further apart.

So while they’re still verbally attacking me, I interrupt, with “I’ve spoken with many women about chivalry, and they all want a man who’s chivalrous. But get to know them, and you’ll find out that their individual definitions of the word aren’t even close.” Without any further prodding, one gives her definition, the other instantly disagrees and offers a rebuttal, and just like that, they’re at each others throats. Now I’ll admit that I kind of set that up.

But hey, I was being attacked!!! So get off my black back about it (please and thank you)!

SO basically, I wish women would STOP PRETENDING THAT THERE IS ONE DEFINITION OF CHIVALRY!! Odds are that the woman next to you doesn’t 100% agree with your opinion of a how a woman should be treated by a man during the courting process, or even just in everyday situations for that matter.
I can’t keep count of the times I’ve heard “I can hold my own door” or “I can pull out my own chair.” Different strokes for different folks.
As with anything, preferences play a role. Your chivalry may be him paying for everything, but most international girls I’ve dated think that it’s not only offensive, but a sign of you wanting to be in total control. Actually, most of the women I’ve dated period don’t go for that.

Now let’s talk about men paying for everything.

I once had a girl tell me that when it comes to dating, she was definitely traditional in that respect. How in the *BLEEP* are you traditional in one respect? Somebody help me (her) please!!! You drink and party often, you’ve moved out of your parents’ house, you have premarital sex, and you work a full-time job and make as much as I do, but when the check comes and I’ve paid 3 times in a row, you can’t even come up with tip money? I’ll ask again (calmly), how are you traditional in one respect?

I’ll answer that: Because it’s convenient. I understand if you have completely (or even majority) traditional values. Then this makes absolute sense. But if you’re getting your independent woman on all the time, except when you go out on dates with guys, then I can’t go for that.

What women refer to as traditional dating actually has its roots in a time where only men got up and went to work in the morning, while the woman stayed behind and took care of home. The man was the sole breadwinner, and so consequently, it was his duty to provide for the woman. Now fast forward to present day where a man and woman may have similar salaries. The original reasoning has been lost in translation. Now I’ve spoken with one older woman who was well aware of how little sense it makes technically, but she also said “Hey, if you could get away with it, wouldn’t you?”

Now, the co-worker previously mentioned in this post always mentions this nonsense about guys needing to “reimburse her for her time.” If that’s the case, guys should just hire a chick from an escort service!!! Because seriously, what’s the difference? All the benefits, same costs, guaranteed smashing at the end, right?
So I called an escort service, (Adrianna’s Escort Service in Atlanta, GA), and apparently the going rate is $250/hr. OK so maybe it is just a bit more expensive to get a call girl. But that doesn’t negate the fact that this whole thing about being an independent woman one minute and expecting the guy to get the check every time is absolutely ludicrous.

My Mental Log of Comments From Women That Have Made Me Say “Check Please!” OR Things a Gold Digger Would Say:

1) Female: You gotta pay to play. Me: Check please.

2) Female: I need to be reimbursed for my time. Me: Are you a hooker?

3) Female: I’m traditional in the dating respect. Me: And independent in other respects huh?

4) Me: Dating is expensive. Female: Yeah, I wouldn’t know *laughs*

5) Female: Can I borrow $50? (on the 1st date) Me (jokingly): I'm gonna need your car for collateral.

6) *Fishes around in her purse for over 15 sec* I left my card again. I'm sorry, can you get this?

More education you say? Why I’d love to!!

Different Classes of Gold Digger:

1) Gold digger: A male or female who values a potential partner’s wealth above any of their other traits.

2) Silver digger: Chases middle-class partners because this person feels that they can’t compete on a higher level with the caliber of women/ men who score accomplished sugar daddies/ mamas.

3) Ditch digger: Attracted to impoverished people.

Don’t get mad folks, it’s just my opinion.

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