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Friday, May 27, 2011

Performing for God, and Why I Don’t Mind Booing You If You’re Awful

So I went to this church function with this girl I used to seriously date. It was something like a talent show. There was this one guy that was an awesome poet, and I clapped hard for him. But then there was this other dude that sang. He was awful!!!! I wanted to stand up and start doing the Apollo thing where they boo and try to wave you off stage, but I’m not sure my then-girlfriend or the rest of the congregation would’ve appreciated that. But when he was done, everybody applauded, and I was like REALLY??? I even actually said loud enough just so the people around me could hear, “Really? That guy was horrible.” Caught a couple a nasty looks from a few old ladies, but I’m ok with that.

But while this chick and I weren’t always (or ever) on the same page, we definitely agreed that just because you’re doing it for God doesn’t mean that you can suck at it and still have your efforts applauded. If you’re awful, maybe that’s not the talent God gave you, and you should explore other avenues. I don’t know if God appreciates you dedicating that butchered song to Him.

That’s like washing your mom’s car with a bucket of mud.

Nice effort, but next time, let’s not, and say you did.

I’m just saying.

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